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SHRS now a 100% SHRM Chapter!

    July 12, 2017

    We are excited to share that we are a 100% SHRM Chapter.  What does this mean for you and for the chapter?  Here is some insight:

    • Heightened level of professionalism.  SHRM studies show that senior-level HR professionals are more likely to be members of 100 percent chapters.  Retention rates are also higher for 100 percent chapters.
      • Professional solidarity
      • Enhanced local credibility
    • Commitment to the profession
      • Members would probably be more aware of national leadership opportunities
      • Enhanced credibility at SHRM headquarters
    • Equal information reference base for all members
    • Members’ personal discretionary budgets are less and they tend to pick 100% chapters vs. non-100% chapters because in most cases they can get two resources for the cost of one.  The exception is when the 100% chapters have high annual membership fees.
    • Greater level of financial support from SHRM
      • $25 per year per SHRM member vs. $10 per year per SHRM member for non-100 percent chapters
      • CFSP paid four times per year instead of twice per year – better cash flow for chapters vs. twice a year for non-100% chapters
      • Speakers from SHRM staff at no charge (once a year)
      • Free Saturday-night stay over at the SHRM Leadership Conference
      • SHRM-sent e-blasts (2 per quarter) for your chapter to contact all SHRM members in your chapter area.  Providing you with access to SHRM at-large members via email which increases your visibility.