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Table Topics

    May 12, 2018

    At SHRS, our vision is to promote excellence within our HR Community through personal and professional development.  We have started a new iniative to help promote that idea through the discussion of Table Topics that occur prior to each of our Monthly Meetings.  Find out more about issues that are meaningful to our community and our chapter's members.

    May Table Topic: What is the biggest challenge that you face today at work?

    Challenges with Tips to Solutions:

    1. As a multi-state employer, difficulty keeping up with state and federal law changes. Resource: IntelliConnect provides federal and state employment law information.  It's easy to compare federal to state, and state to state laws, plus you can receive emails for law change updates.
    2. As manager, difficulty keeping up with so many spinning plates.  Resource: Todoist, GoogleKeep, Sort'd; delegation with regular meetings for updates.
    3. Compensation review and research for approximately 80 people.  Resource: Payscale offers a platform that automatically researches pay, identifies pay gaps and outliers, and creates workflows to expedite pay review and approvals.
    4. Interactive organizational chart needed for growing company.  Resource: Organimi - upload spreadsheet to craft organizational chart; also integrates with Salesforce and Google photos; exports to slides for presentations; and html link for intranet.  Several purcase options available, but all extremely affordable.

    Challenges with no specific Tips:

    1. Poor communication
      1. In organization, lack of transparency
      2. Between levels of management (supervisor to manager to owner)
    2. Ever-advancing technology
    3. Ever-changing environment for benefits
    4. Recruiting and Hiring
    5. Training - Getting Senior Management buy-in


    Come join us next month at our Monthly Meeting to be a part of this, and check out our website for new ideas!